Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sepak Takraw: The National Sport in the Philippines.

MSU-GSC College of Fisheries Sepak Takraw Team

Sepak Takraw or also known as “Sipa” in Filipino is the national sport of the Phillipines. This sport is now played all over the world especially in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. No one can tell where this sport originated. All countries in the Southeast Asia and East Asia are proudly claiming that Sepak Takraw is their own sport. The sport can also be played by the girls. The net measure 1.52 meters high and must be made up of fine nylon. The court measures 20 by 44 feet. The ball is usually made up of wooden “Rattan” and synthetic rubber, but Filipinos love to play Takraw using  “Rattan”. 

Back flip attack
The main objective of this game is to is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible, in short it is similar to the goal of Volleyball and Badminton. Any parts of the body can be used except for the hand. Each team must consist of three players and allowed to touch the ball thrice. 

Anglers defensively block the powerful attack of Mentors

The play starts when the server tossed the ball to the “Tekong” or the receiver. Once the ball received, the “Tekong” must kick the ball across to the net so that the opposing team can prepare for their defense and offense strategy. Then the long intense rally follows. Each team must score 15 points to get a set and must get 2 sets to win the game, depending on the rules of the tournament. In order to win agility, good strategy, acrobatic skills, flexibility, good reaction time and determination are the abilities that a player must develop.

Serving, setting and attacking

Last august 30 2012, the College of Fisheries Anglers won against the College of Education Mentors in the 51st Mindanao State University General Santos City, Philippines  annual anniversary foundation in the Sepak Takraw event. Perhaps this could be the first win of anglers in the championship.
Indeed the Philippines have a sport that can be compared to football. A kind of sport that is more intense and better to watch for.